Grupo Coex asesoría integral aduanera

Customs agency Coexnort SA level 1 Coexnort SAS and COEX LOG SAS companies of the COEX group in Colombia. They are companies of a commercial nature constituted under the Colombian legislation whose objective is the integral advice in the area of foreign trade, are companies of tradition that thanks to the zeal, love and passion for this work of its main partner and founder have drawn The adverse circumstances, have strengthened but above all have streamlined their processes to remain firm and current in the current market.


  • Professionalism
  • Commitment
  • Fulfillment
  • About us?

    Customs agency Coexnort SA level 1. We are a friendly company, which offers its clients security and confidence in foreign trade solutions; Fulfilling the requirements demanded by law, supported by a human talent, competent and loyal, counting on the adequate infrastructure, seeking to be profitable and satisfy our national and international clients.

  • We want to be?

    In the year 2020 consolidated into a corporate group recognized as reliable and innovative nationally and internationally, providing advice throughout the logistics chain seeking the long-term sustainability of our company.
    We want to look for a multinational company that merges with our business group to grow in our logistics chain in the new challenges that international trade demands.

Management policy

Customs Agency Coexnort SA Level 1 will guide all its activities to satisfy the needs of its clients, providing a reliable and effective service based on constant communication. We count on the collaboration of a suitable work team, which will achieve the excellence of our processes and services, in the search for continuous improvement, compliance with legal requirements, as well as the prevention of accidents, injuries and occupational diseases Which may affect the quality of life of workers, with the commitment also to ensure security and control in the procedures of documentary customs management with the prevention of illegal activities and with the protection of people, goods and information through the application of risk management .

Our Clients

In customs procedures, freight transport and logistics of conditioning: the difficult thing we do already. The impossible ... we linger a little.

Strategic alliances

We do not want to be a burden, we want to relieve your burden

Certifications and support

We offer a warm treatment and the attention of a small company but with the processes and quality of a great organization.